I have been open during the subsequent lockdowns providing medical acupuncture and /or herbal medicine. I must say, I am so glad I was able to stay open to help those who were really in need of care so I thought I’d just share a few testimonials :

Dear Michelle my blood glucose levels are now in their normal range ! I couldn’t have done this without your nutritional advice , acupuncture to ease away my stress and awful shoulder pain, herbal formula to rid of the lingering virus and most of all your passion in what you do , your dedication and support. Thank you so much I am now a new healthy person “.Claire

Mirror Mirror on the wall , who is the best acupuncturist of us all – yes you Michelle you are amazing!My facial dermatitis /rash has now cleared up. Thank you so much for your dedication and amazing treatments and the herbal formula didn’t taste so bad after all”. Sandra

Thanks for the acupuncture treatment today , you are very knowledgeable at your job and you have such a lovely personality” Andrew“Introducing John and Elizabeth , we are obviously absolutely over the moon . We’re back home now and both babies are doing well. Thanks so much Michelle I don’t think they would be here without you” ! Linda

”Thank you so much for Michelle for sorting out my hay fever , I’m no longer sneezing when I wake up, throughput the day and when I go to bed at night which kept me awake and the itchiness around my eyes has subsided. I feel a new person”Anne-Marie

Fertility  - A Bitter but Sweet Ending : ”Michelle you worked wonders on me when I was at my most stressed out with my fertility issues. I remember well after each acupuncture session you had with me , we would laugh about certain conversations we had ;-) . I’m so glad against all the odds and what we had been told ‘apparently’ impossible became the very possible – we have a beautiful son” !   Louise, Palmers Green

Ante Natal Care – A Happy New Mum and Baby Daughter : ”My daughter arrived the day before I was booked for an induction, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to have it and she listened!! No intervention at all, I can’t believe it really, a straight forward 9 hour labour, midwives said it was amazing for a first time labour. The midwives have also said how content and calm the baby is, I definitely think that the acupuncture I had with you did this for us, I will always be internally grateful for the treatment you gave me and a beautiful relaxed baby”! Kathy, Potters Bar

Treating both Back Pain and Infertility : ”I had tried various self-help therapies to help alleviate my back problems and to increase my chance in getting pregnant but had no luck So when I saw Michelle’s leaflet at my GP Surgery I thought I’d give it go. Michelle was very reassuring & professional in her manner & set me on a course of weekly acupuncture & later prescribed herbs. She was always friendly and chatty towards me and I can now count her as a close ally. Her treatment did make me fall pregnant which I was ecstatic about. Post pregnancy I continued to seek further treatment and can say that acupuncture has really helped me and would definitely recommend it to others & with Michelle”!   Mina, Enfield             

Acupuncture In Conjunction with IVF : ‘I visited Michelle after unsuccessfully trying to conceive.I was some way down the road of having IVF treatments, and had suffered two miscarriages. Quite apart from the acupuncture itself, which I found very calming and relaxing, Michelle was a wonderful person to talk to and was very familiar with the whole IVF process. She was able to tailor our sessions to suit each stage of IVF preparation. When I was lucky enough to become pregnant with twins. I am in no doubt that Michelle’s acupuncture treatments were a huge factor in conceiving after all this time and during my pregnancy were beneficial not only for my boys but for me”.   Anne, Crouch End.

Migraine Pain Relieved During Pregnancy : ”Michelle is an absolute miracle worker and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I first saw Michelle when I was 13 weeks pregnant and had had a migraine for 5 days. I contacted her in desperation as I could not take my normal medication and alternative therapy was my only option. I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced of how effective acupuncture would be for my migraines. However Michelle worked her magic and immediately after the first session I felt a significant reduction in the level of pain. By the next day I had almost recovered and after a follow up session with Michelle I felt like a new person. I have suffered with migraines throughout my pregnancy and each time I have contacted Michelle immediately. She has cured all of them for me very quickly. I plan on seeing Michelle for treatment of any condition I face in the future. I feel very lucky to have found her and would not consider using anyone else”! Leonie, Palmers Green

Sinusitis Treated with Acupuncture :” I suffered from sinusitis for months it went from bad to worse , nothing worked, until I had acupuncture sessions with Michelle.I’m over the moon to feel normal again”. Damien, Highgate

Back Pain Treated with Acupuncture : ”I suffered from back pain for over 5 years, I was prescribed pain killers, in recent years more often than not they didn’t work. I became desperate and sought for other treatments but to no avail until I had just 1 session of acupuncture & cupping with Michelle. Incredible I am now pain free”.                                                                             Majid , Southgate.

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