About Michelle

british acu council logoMichelle is a senior practitioner of Chinese Medicine , qualified in 2006 and licensed to practise Acupuncture, Tuina (acupressure massage) and prescribe Herbal Medicine. She obtained her BSc Honours degree at both Middlesex University, UK and Beijing University, China. The 5 year full time degree programme she undertook included 3 years of Biomedical Science and is respected as the highest Chinese Medical degree. Part of her clinical practice included training in the UK at North Middlesex Hospital, The Whittington Hospital and The Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine. In the 5th year of her degree programme she did her internship in two of Beijing’s most reputed hospitals of both western medicine and Chinese medicine: Xi Yuan Hospital and the Japanese Chinese Friendship Hospital.

After graduation Michelle was offered a teaching position at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine (affiliated with Middlesex University) there she supervised and taught students during their clinical practice i.e., administration of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

She ran one of the pain clinics at the Whittington Hospital and later helped set up an acupuncture clinic in the Ante-Natal/Maternity ward.

Michelle is currently working for the National Health Service (NHS) administering acupuncture as a pain relief in the pain management department.

Extensive travel and living in France, Japan and China has made Michelle adaptable, versatile and resourceful, which positively impacts her clinical practice.

Her areas of interest and expertise are female emotional and gynaecological disorders, infertility/sub- fertility and pain management.




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